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Ibrakhimov I.I. «Rare-earth - Transition metal chalcogenite halides as novel host – guest structures and potential magnetics» Bachelor's project MSU branch in Dushanbe, Tajikistan 2016, Supervised by  Dr. D.O.Charkin.

Karpyuk P.V. «Trinuclear fluoro(trifluoroacetato)metallates of 3d-metals: synthesis, crystal structure and propertiestriangular complex anions» 2015. Supervised by  Dr. T.Yu.Glazunova

Elovik N.A. «New Bi(II) iodide complex compounds: synthesis, structure and properties»,  2015, Supervised by Prof. A.V. Shevelkov

Likhanov M.S. «The synthesis and propertied of FeGa3 based solid solutions»,  2015, Supervised by Prof. A.V. Shevelkov

Gorbachev A. V., «The search for new layered bismuth oxyhalides with BiMeVOx-derived structures», Bachelor's project  2015. Supervised by Dr. D.O.Charkin.

Akhrorov A. Yu.  «Synthesis and X-ray diagnostic francisite-like compounds Cu3La(SeO3)2O2X X = Cl, Br; Cu3M(SeO3)2O2Cl M = Tb, Tm.»  Bachelor's project MSU branch in Dushanbe, Tajikistan 2015, Supervised by Dr. P.S. Berdonosov

Kuznetsova E.S. «Multinary REE (Bi) - d-metal selenite halides as low-dimensional magnets», 2014, Supervised by Dr. P.S. Berdonosov

Akinfiev V.S. «Novel Bi-containing layered perovskites with Aurivillius-derived structures: targeted synthesis and crystal chemical analysis». 2014. Supervised by Dr. D.O.Charkin.

Guseva O.V. «Ternary compounds in the Mo-Sn-Sb system», 2014, Supervised by Prof. A.V. Shevelkov

Lu Min «Synthesis, structure and properties of iron selenium superconductors with composition (NazK1-z)xFe2-ySe2», 2013. Supervised by Dr. Boltalin A.I.

Deeva E.B. «Nitrate complexes of copper and nickel with low dimensional structure: synthesis and properties 2013. Supervised by D.S. I.V Morozov

Pleshakov E.A.“Synthesis of lithium-containing phosphates of 3d elements with controlled morphology of the particles”.  2012. Supervised by D.S. Alyoshin V.A.

Verchenko V.Yu."Synthesis, local and extended structures and properties of polar intermetallic compounds based on iron triad elements: a solid solution Fe1-xCoxGa3", 2012. Supervised by Prof. A.V. Shevelkov.

Vasiliev A.V  "Ternary intermetallic compounds in the system Ce-Pd-Sn" 2012.  Supervised by Prof. A.V. Shevelkov.

Son V.B. «Effect of cation substitution on structure and properties of NaFeAs superconducting phase».  2012.  Supervised by Dr. Boltalin A.I..

Naumova M.A. «Synthesis and properties of vanadium substituted molybdo- and tungstophosphoric heteropolyacids with Keggin structure».  2012.   Supervised by Dr. Fedorova A.A.

Gavrikov A.V. «New coordination copper, cobalt and nickel halogenoacetates: synthesis, structure, properties».  2012. Supervised by Dr. Karpova E.V.

Frolov D.D. Complex CuMn2Co2Ox spinel-type oxide: synthesis, structure and catalytic activity. 2011.  Supervised by D.S. I.V Morozov, Dr. A.A.Fedorova

Urmanov A.V. «Novel layered anti-fluorites structurally related to FeAs superconductors» 2011. Supervised by Dr. D.O.Charkin

 Lebedev D.N. «Synthesis and studies of new compounds with Aurivillius-related structures in the frames of modular approach» (B.A.) 2011. Supervised by Dr. D.O.Charkin

Ovchinnikov A.V. «Effect of cation substitution on structure and properties of LiFeAs and K0.8Fe2Se2» 2011. Supervised by Dr. A.I. Boltalin, Prof. E.V.Antipov

Silich K.A. «Chalkogenite halides of some metals (II) (alkaline earth, Pb, Ni, Co) with open framework: research, crystal structure» 2011. Supervised by Prof. V.A.Dolgikh

Egorova B.V. «The bismuth and divalent metal borate halides: the correlation "composition - crystal structure - non linear optical Properties"».2011. Supervised by Prof. V.A.Dolgikh




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