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Laboratories:  Inorganic Materials Sciences Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
  Chemistry and Physics of Sensor and Semiconductor Materials  Inorganic Synthesis
 Inorganic Crystallochemistry  

Synthesis of designed inorganic substances of various dimensions and their fundamental properties

 The central point of the scientific interests of our research group is inorganic compounds of various dimensions that have valuable physical and chemical properties and that represent both fundamental and applied interest. Our work deals with the following directions: 

  • Synthesis and determination of quantum basic states of low-dimensional (one- and two-dimensional) nitrates and carboxilates of transitional metals with unique topology of the magnetic subsystem.
  • Synthesis and properties of two-dimensional pnictides and chalcogenides of iron related to the new class of high-temperature superconductors: variation of physical properties by doping of a conducting layer and a charge reservoir layer.

  • Design of the catalytically active oxide and fluoride materials with hierarchical nanosize structure (a support framework – a modified surface layer – nanoparticles of an active component).

  • Synthesis, structure and properties of framework metalcarboxilate compounds with micro- and mesoporous structure, which are the perspective catalysts, adsorbents and separators of chiral mixtures.

 The group possesses a broad experience in obtaining the above-mentioned compounds with the use of both known and original synthetic approaches including synthesis of single crystals. The experience of work with the hydroscopic substances was accumulated that allows carrying out different physical and chemical investigations of such substances.

 In our research the following physical and chemical methods are used: XRD, electronic microscopy and X-ray spectra microanalysis, single crystal X-ray analysis. Catalytically active substances are characterized by methods of measurement of a specific surface and determination of their porosity; their catalytic activity is studied in model reactions. Also our research group has an original device which allows determining the oxygen mobility by studying kinetics of an oxygen isotope exchange.



Group leader:

Dr. Igor V. Morozov

Lead researcher

Ph.D. 1994

Dr. Sci. 2010

Synthesis and crystal structure of inorganic compounds

+7(495)939-28-70, morozov@inorg.chem.msu.ru


Dr. Alexander I. Boltalin

Associate professor

vice-dean of Chemistry Department, Deputy chair of Head of Inorganic Chemistry Division

Ph.D. 1991

Structure of complexes in gas phase and in solid state, heterogeneous equilibriums

+7(495)939-28-70, boltalin@inorg.chem.msu.ru


Dr. Elena V. Karpova

Associate professor

Deputy chair of Head of Inorganic Chemistry Division

Ph.D. 2000

Polynuclear coordination compounds, crystal structure

+7(495)939-33-39, karpova@inorg.chem.msu.ru


Dr. Anna A. Fedorova

Senior Teach

Ph.D. 2005

Synthesis of oxide catalysts, solid state chemistry

+7(495)939-28-70, fedorova@inorg.chem.msu.ru


Dr. Tatyana Yu. Glazunova

Ph.D. 2005

Аssistent professor

Structure of complexes in gas phase and in solid state, heterogeneous equilibriums

+7(495)939-28-70, glazunova@inorg.chem.msu.ru



Deeva Evgenia Borisovna

4th year graduate (scientific adviser: D.Sci.. Morozov I.V.)

Nitrates of d- and f-elements with extended structure: synthesis, structure and physical properties


Lu Ming

4th year graduate (scientific adviser:  Dr. Boltalin A.I., prof. Vasiliev A.N.)

Superconducting alkali metal ferroselenides and ferroarsenides: synthesis and properties.


Merkulova Anna Viktorovna
6th year student (scientific adviser: Dr.Sci.. Morozov I.V.)

Transition metal triflates.


Mezhakov Alexey Vladimirovich

5th year student (supervisor Dr. Glazunova T.Yu.)

d-metal fluorides with functional properties. 


Shilov Andrei Igorevich

5th year student (supervisor Dr. Glazunova T.Yu.)

d-metal complexes with modified b-cyclodextrins.


Shipunov Grigorii Nikolaevich

5th year student (supervisor Dr. Morozov IV)

Synthesis and properties of  layered superconductors based on iron selenide intercalated with alkali metals



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