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Team leader:

Dr Alexei N. Kuznetsov
Leading researcher
PhD - 1999 (inorganic chemistry, MSU)
D. Sci. - 2009 (inorganic chemistry, MSU)
Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences – 2016
Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences - 2016
Cluster compounds, intermetallics, structure & bonding, quantum chemistry


 Team members:

Taisya G. Filatova
Dipl. degree in chemistry (MITHT, 1977)
Inorganic synthesis, bismuth clusters, metal subhalides

Dr Elena Yu. Zakharova
Assistant professor
PhD 2012 (inorganic chemistry, MSU)
Low-dimensional compounds, heterometallic bonding, palladium and platinum intermetallics

Undergraduate students

Stroganova Ekaterina Andreevna
5rd year student
Inorganic synthesis, intermetallics, clusters, mixed chalcogenides


Main focus of the research of our team – main group metal-based systems of homo- and heterometallic bonds. Principal objects of the research are mixed subvalent metal halides and chalcogenides. The aspects investigated include crystal and electronic structures, as well as the structure-property relationships with particular emphasis on anisotropic physical properties of low-dimensional compounds. Research directions include:

  • Synthesis and investigation of homonuclear polyatomic clusters of main-group elements.
  • Design, synthesis and investigations of inorganic compounds featuring extended systems of homo- and heterometallic bonds of varying (1D, 2D) dimensionality.
  • First-principle studies of homo- and heterometallic bonding and direct-space bonding analysis


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