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Laboratory of Chemistry and
Physics of Semiconductor Materials

Head of the Laboratory:
Vladimir P. Zlomanov, Dr. Sci., Professor
Phone +7-(095) 939-20-86,   Fax +7-(095) 932-88-46,  E-mail: zlomanov@inorg.chem.msu.ru

The main directions of researches

The fundamental aspects of semiconductor material preparation processes (thermodynamics and kinetics). The influence of the preparation parametes on the real structure and functional properties of multi-component semiconductors.
Materials: doped narrow band-gap A4B6 and wide band-gap A2B6 crystals and films for optoelectoronics

The principal scheme of researches

  • Thermodinamic study of phase equilibria is carried out by effusive method combined with mass-spectrometry, high temperature microscopy, X-ray difractometry, DTA, DSC as well as by computer simulation.
  • By in situ measurements the single crystal growth kinetics is explored in the case of binary A4B6 compounds and ternary solid solutions. As a result the kinetic coefficients for condencation and for transport in nutrient phase as well as general features for growth can be derived. Crystals are modified by aanealing. Diffusion study in crystals and heterostructures is also studied.
  • Analysis (chemical composition) and real structure study are carried out by Auger spectroscopy, Electron microprobe analysis, Spattered Neutral Mass-Spectroscopy, Electron microscopy, X-ray difractometry and by selective chemical etching.
  • For impurity charge determination the X-ray emission spectroscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy are applied. The band structure is studied by Hall effect measurements and by magnetic measurements.


The laboratory was founded in 1962 by academician Prof. Alexandra V. Novoselova who was Head of laboratory till 1986. Since 1986 the laboratory is headed by Professor V.P. Zlomanov. The first scientific researches in the Laboratory were directed to the study of Te purification process, synthesis and characterization of zinc, cadmium, and lead. Since that time the Laboratory has became one of the centers of semiconductors physical-chemical analysis. For research work in this area a number of scientists working in lab were awarded in this field (the Governmental Prize, Lomonosov Prize, Kurnakov Prize).

Semiconductors surface science group

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