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Laboratories: Inorganic Materials SciencesChemistry of Coordination Compounds
 Diagnostics of Inorganic Materials Inorganic Synthesis
 Inorganic CrystallochemistryChemistry and Physics of Semiconductor Materials


Head of Division Academician
Yuri D. Tretyakov
phone +7-(495)-939-2074,  fax: +7-(495)-939-0998
E-mail: yudt@inorg.chem.msu.ru
Deputy chair
on teaching & education
Andrew N. Grigoriev
phone +7-(495)-939-3836
E-mail: grigandr @ inorg.chem.msu.ru
Deputy chair
on science
Maria N. Rumyantseva
phone +7-(495)-939-5471
E-mail: roum @ inorg.chem.msu.ru
Deputy chair
on general questions
Tatyana A. Kuznetsova
phone +7-(495)-939-5471
E-mail: kuznetsova @ inorg.chem.msu.ru
Deputy chair
on innovations
Petr S. Berdonosov
phone +7-(495)-939-3504
E-mail: berdonosov @ inorg.chem.msu.ru

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