Structure and reactivity of metal compounds

Solvent preparation and synthesis of mixed ligand disprosium carboxylate at -60C using Schlenk apparatus
Laboratory of coordination compounds conducts research which concerns the coordination compounds of s-, p-, d-, f-metal carboxylates and diketonates with specified dimensionality: frameworks, layered and linear polymers, mononuclear compounds. Deliberate construction of these architectures allows obtaining the complexes with specified features needed for the compounds either to exhibit functional properties or to be used as precursors for inorganic functional materials.
Harvesting the crystal in polarized light, mounting on X-ray diffractometer and diffraction experiment.

Volatile complexes are used as precursors for Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) of superconductive and optical oxide materials. Compounds that could undergo hydrolysis in solution are used as precursors for Metal-Organic Chemical Solution Deposition for oxide and fluoride materials.

Pictures show 16-nodes AMD Phenom II based in-lab computation cluster and Supercomputer Lomonosov-1 which were used for quantum chemical DFT calculation of volatile Sr complexes. X-ray crystal structure agrees well with DFT calculated geometry.

Special attention of the laboratory is drawn to the coordination chemistry of precursors. For the synthesis of unstable compounds with a tendency to hydrolysis or to solvent departure, we use Schlenk apparatus equipped with vacuum and dry argon lines.

Pictures show 5-cirlce X-ray Diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab with 9kW Cu rotating anode, powder diffraction experiment, results of Rietveld refinement of 1D coordination polymer [Ho(Piv)3]inf crystal structure and MEM reconstructed electron density distibution.
Study of crystal structures is performed by means of single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction; the composition and properties are studied by a variety of physicochemical methods of the compound characterization (NMR, IR, TG-DTG, EDX, mass spectrometry).

A part of research work is devoted to mixed-metal 3d and 4f supramolecular compounds and rare earth coordination compounds based on oxo/hydroxo metal clusters as promising precursors for metal-organic frameworks.

Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of mixed metal 3d and 4f polynuclear supramolecular compounds with different amino-acids.