X National Conference on Crystal Chemistry

The X National Crystal Chemical Conference was held 5-9 July in the Elbrus region (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic). Within the framework of the conference, plenary, oral and poster presentations were presented on organic, inorganic crystal chemistry, crystal chemistry of coordination and organometallic compounds, crystal chemical aspects of materials science, and structural studies using synchrotron and neutron radiation. Presentations of modern X-ray equipment from leading manufacturers Bruker and Rigaku – Oxford Diffraction took place.

The team of the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry took an active part in the conference – Tsymbarenko D.M., Grebenyuk D.I. and Gashigullin R.A. presented oral and poster presentations. By the decision of the organizing committee of the conference, the report of Gashigullin R.A. was awarded the diploma “For the best poster presentation”. For more details on the event, see https://conferences.icp.ac.ru/NCCC2020/news.php