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Principal Investigator: Alyoshin Vladimir Alekseevich


Ph.D (Chem.), associate professor

Dr. Sci. 2010

Phone: Lab. +7(495)939-1200

Fax: +7(495)939-4788

Email: alyoshin@inorg.chem.msu.ru




Nonstoichiometry of inorganic compounds

Nonstoichiometry of complex oxides on the base of 3-d elements and its influence on physical and physico-chemical properties is the main direction of the scientific work. This direction includes:

1.      The oxygen and mercury nonstoichiometry in mercury containing high-temperature superconductors on the base of copper oxide.

2.      The oxygen nonstoichiometry in superconductive solid solutions La2-xMxCuO4 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)

3.      Synthesis and morphology of complex phosphates of transition metals and Li as a material for lithium batteries.





1. Vladimir A. Alyoshin

Associated professor

Ph.D. 1983

Inorganic Synthesis, Nonstoichiometry of inorganic substances


2. Kan Alyona Stanislavovna  – 5 year student


3. Belova Elizaveta Ivanovna  – 4 year student





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7. Alyoshin V.A., Pleshakov E.A., Ehrenberg H., Mikhailova D. Platelike LiMPO4 (M = Fe, Mn, Co, Ni) for Possible Application in Rechargeable Li Ion Batteries: Beyond Nanosize.  J. of Physical Chemistry C, 2014, т. 118, № 31, с. 17426-17435


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