Chemistry Department - Lomonosov Moscow State University
Inorganic Chemistry Division    
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Inorganic Chemistry Division
Head of the Division
professor Andrei Vladimirovich Shevelkov
Tel. (495) 939-3339, 939-2074 (secretary)
FAX (495) 939-0998

Teaching: Ph.D., Associate Professor Elena Vladimirovna Karpova, (495) 939-3339
Science: D.Sc., Professor Marina Nikolaevna Rumyantseva, (495) 939-5471
Administrative and finance issues: Ph.D., Associate Professor Tatiana Aleksandrovna Kuznetsova, (495) 939-5471
Innovations: Ph.D., Leading Researcher Kirill Sergeevich Napolskii, (495) 939-5248
HR-related matters and safety: Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexander Ivanovich Boltalin, (495) 939-2870

Science secretary of the division: Ph.D., Junior researcher
Elena Sergeevna Klimashina
klimashina @
Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory
Head of the Laboratory:
Andrei Vladimirovich Shevelkov
D.Sc., Professor
Main research directions:
  • Inorganic supramolecular assemblies and Zintl phases
  • Target-aimed inorganic synthesis of compounds with special electrophysical and optical properties
  • Chemistry of clusters and low-dimensional systems of Ēmetal-metalĒ bonds in inorganic compounds
  • Structural design, target-aimed synthesis and fundamental properties of inorganic compounds of various dimensionality
Laboratory of Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
Head of the Laboratory:
Andrey Rafailovich Kaul
D.Sc., Professor
Tel. / FAX (495)939-1492
Main research directions:
  • Chemistry of coordination compounds as the basis of preparation of new functional materials
  • Design and synthesis of new coordination compounds Ė functional materials and precursors
  • New functional materials (thin films and ceramics) fabricated using coordination compounds
Laboratory of Chemistry and Physics of Sensor and Semiconductor Materials
Head of the Laboratory:
Alexander Mihailovich Gaskov
D.Sc., Professor
Main research directions:
  • Materials for sensors
  • Semiconductor crystals and thin films
  • Colloidal quantum dots
Inorganic Materials Science Laboratory
Head of the Laboratory:
Eugenii Alekseevich Goodilin
Corresponding Member of RAS, D.Sc., Professor
“el.: (495)939-4729
FAX: (495)939-0998
Main research directions:
  • Integration of functional and construction nano- and biomaterials
  • Development of new methods of preparation of highly homogeneous precursors
  • Study of self-organization and synergy in solid state systems
Inorganic Crystallochemistry Laboratory
Head of the Laboratory:
Evgeny Viktorovich Antipov
Corresponding Member of RAS, Member of Academia Europaea (the Academy of Europe)
D.Sc., Professor
Main research directions:
  • New electrode materials for metal-ion batteries
  • New electrode materials for fuel cells (solid oxide and alkaline)
  • Magnetic perovskite-based oxides with crystallographic shear plane structures
  • Superconducting layered chalcogenides and pnictides of transition metals
Studentís Labs
Elena Dmitrievna Demidova
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Tel: (495)939-1048

Undergraduate students ó 330 people
Scoolchildren ó 150 people
Senior Studentís Labs
Andrey Nikolaevich Baranov
Ph.D., Leading Researcher
Tel: (495)939-1083
Shared Research Core Facility
Scientific services offered by shared cores to the researchers include resources, expertise and state-of-the-art scientific equipment.
Responsible: Alexey Viktorovich Lukashin
Corresponding member of RAS, D.Sc., Professor
Tel. (495)939-5931
Andrey Anatolíevich Eliseev
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Tel. (495)939-5248
Oleg Alexandrovich Brylev
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Tel. (495)939-1083

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