Ad Hoc Workshop on powder X-ray diffraction

The 35th Ad Hoc Workshop on Jana2006 was held in Prague on 18th-19th of October. One of the participants was a Ph.D. student of our laboratory Dimitry Grebenyuk. Each of the workshop days started with lectures from Jana2006 developers Vaclav Petricek and Michal Dusek and continued with practical exercises. Among the topics of the workshop were structure solution from single crystal and powder data, Rietveld refinement, modulated structure refinement from powder data, multiphase data, crystallite size determination. Learn more about the workshop and Jana2006 software on

All-Russian Science festival NAUKA 0+

The All-Russian Science Festival was held in Moscow from October 12 to 14, 2018. This event, which is attended by leading research centers and laboratories from various industries, contributes to the generation of interdisciplinary ideas and serves to popularize science. The festival included lectures by leading scientists, including lectures by acad. Yuri Oganessian “New superheavy elements in the periodic table”, prof. Artem Oganov “Computer design of new supermaterials” and prof. Vladimir Kekelidze “Challenges of the NICA megaproject” and thematic exhibitions. At the exhibition “Create new materials!” laboratory of coordination chemistry presented models of a levitating train and an electric generator based on 2nd generation high-temperature superconducting tapes and a printer with luminescent ink.

More information about the event, see the official web page.

Travelling seminar «Nanomaterials and Large-Scale Research Centers»

Pictures show Cherenkov light on TRIGA reactor (Vienna) and apparatus of the APE beamline on Elettra (Trieste)

The 8th joint Russian-German travelling seminar «Nanomaterials and Large-Scale Research Centers» was held in Munich, Vienna, and Trieste from September 19 to September 30. A PhD student of our laboratory, Dimitry Grebenyuk, was one of the twenty participants of the event. The program included visits to the large European research centers, among which were the neutron reactors FRM-II (Munich), TRIGA (Vienna) and  Elettra synchrotron facility (Trieste). Each of the participants also delivered a short talk on their topic of research. Learn more about the seminar on

Cluster of conferences on chemistry InorgChem-2018

Cluster of five conferences simultaneously was held in Astrakhan, Russia from 17 to 21 September 2018: VIII All-Russian Conference on Chemistry of Polynuclear Compounds and Clusters, VIII All-Russian Conference ‘High Spin Molecules and Molecular Magnets MolMag-2018’, I All-Russian Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Youth Conference-School ‘New Trends in Inorganic Chemistry’ and the VIII International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry with elements of a scientific school. Among the staff of the laboratory of coordination chemistry conference talks of  Dmitry Tsymbarenko and Dimitiry Grebenyuk were presented. For more information on the event, see

IX National Conference on Crystal Chemistry

Conference was held in Suzdal, Russia from 4 to 8 June 2018. Conference talks and posters were devoted to organic, inorganic and metal-organic crystallography, crystallographic issues in material sciences as well as structural studies using synchrotron and neutron radiation. Leading manufacturers of X-ray diffractometers, Bruker and Rigaku — Oxford Diffraction, presented their modern products. Team of our laboratory, Dmitry Tsymbarenko, Dimitry Grebenyuk, Ruslan Gashigulling and Mikhail Kendin, presented their reports.